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2010-05-21 11:56:08 by megalolord

Going to post some music soon soon soon! An interpretation of The Ile de Feu of Oliver Messiaen and a composition that i did for class.


well here's the situation

2009-03-06 20:00:31 by megalolord

I will really start to post some audios soon. The only thing is that I use Sibelius and Finale. It is great for music notation... but they have a really crappy sound.

So.. when I have my hand on something that sounds good, I'll post!

Or.. I might just mike my piano and records things. Haha! It is more easy than to write everything on a alienante program!


please tell me!

2008-09-19 10:07:49 by megalolord

I'll be posting soon a song to the AUDIO PORTAL! But I'm wondering where to classify it.. Because i'm doing a klezmer type of song (jewish stuff ^_^!) and it's a little bit jazz and a little bit classical.. but none of them at the same time! 'o' (It's unusual I know.. :P)

Please tell me your opinion about it!


2008-01-22 12:15:39 by megalolord

I'm only here on newgrounds to see and hear some great stuff.... and to blam real shit! I will submit some audios and maybe a flash or two (if I learn how to make a flash..). I will do lot's of audio reviews and maybe some flash reviews.

I'm a Rater!